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SSC / HSSC – Reg # 0062

Admission / Registration Form

Building # 12, Wapda Avenue, Wapda Town Block D 3 Phase-I Lahore.

Application No: UL-HSSC-620007

Submission Date: 13/09/2023

Student Name: Ali Abbas Syed

Email: [email protected]

DOB: 06/01/2005

Mobile #: 966560593664

Form B No: 

Mother Tongue: 

Nationality: Non-Pakistani

Religion: Muslim

City: Hail

Country: Saudi Arabia

Province: Federal

Address: House No. 3091, Az Zibarah, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Father / Guardian Name: MUHAMMAD AHSAN ABBAS

Father / Guardian Mobile #: 966580264214

Father / Guardian Address: House No. 3091, Az Zibarah, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Qualification: 10th Class

Class Year: 2022

Academic Roll No: 1054178

Registration No: 2277681001

Max Marks: 1100

Marks Obtained: 759

Grade: B

Group: Science

Board: Federal

School / College Name: Private Candidate

Desired Program to Enroll: ICS Part-1

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Roll No: 24620007

Registration No: 2277681001

Admission Date: 21/09/2023

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