About Us

Ulearn was founded in 2014, as a center of excellence in the use of eLearning and the latest learning techniques and technologies. Our teaching pattern caters the needs of people with different learning styles. We develop bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) and eLearning courses to meet the needs of the education sector.

Mission Statement

Ulearn aims to provide quality education resources, to maximise the potential of teaching and learning at national and international level.

Ulearn develops innovative solutions to meet the evolving requirements of learning communities, and provide the technologies, products and services needed for tomorrow’s education sector.

Our unique Glass board teaching technology ensure one to one interaction between student and teacher.

Recently we have digitalised intermediate (F.Sc) syllabus for all the provinces of Pakistan.

Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and Federal area Boards.

Ulearn is a partner of choice by students, parents, and teaching institutions. Student satisfaction is a central focus and is based on carefully listening to our students and understanding their requirements. We ensure total student satisfaction by delivering outstanding lectures, notes, short questions and assessment for examination preparation.

At Ulearn Online Education System, we believe that education should be accessible and engaging for all learners. Our Teach Pakistan Project focuses on using technology to bridge the education gap and improve learning outcomes for students. We strive to provide innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience.

Our team of experienced eLearning professionals works closely with educators and subject matter experts to develop customized eLearning courses that are tailored to specific learning objectives. We utilize a variety of instructional design strategies to create interactive and multimedia-rich content that fosters active learning.

We are Investing in Future

Ulearn is the market leader in glass board teaching technology.

At Ulearn, we understand the importance of live interaction in the learning process. That’s why we have meticulously designed scheduled live lectures delivered by experienced teachers following a set timetable. These live lectures enable students to actively participate, ask questions, and engage with the material in real-time.

In addition to live lectures, we also offer a vast collection of video recorded lectures. These pre-recorded video lectures are accessible at any time, allowing students to review them at their own pace. Whether it’s revisiting a challenging concept or catching up on missed content, these video lectures provide flexibility and convenience to our students.

To further enhance the learning experience, we provide comprehensive notes that cover key topics and concepts discussed in the lectures. These notes serve as a valuable resource for students to refer back to when studying or preparing for assessments.

In order to assess student understanding and provide ample practice opportunities, we offer short question sessions and quizzes. These assessments not only reinforce the knowledge gained from lectures but also help students identify areas where they may need additional support.

As the final exams approach, Ulearn remains committed to ensuring our students are fully prepared. We offer extensive testing practice, including mock exams, to simulate the exam environment and gauge readiness. This dedicated preparation helps students build confidence and improve their performance when facing the actual exams.

Ulearn is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and effective online education experience. We strive to support our students in achieving academic success by providing them with quality education, live interaction, flexible learning options, and robust exam preparation resources.

Join Ulearn today and experience a transformative online education journey with us.