Premium Entry Test Features

  • Live Interactive Lectures
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Comprehensive Notes
  • Bank of MCQ’s
  • 30 Unit Test A & A+ Series
  • 8 Quarter Tests A & A+ Series
  • 5 FLP Tests A & A+ Series
  • Live Test Discussion
  • Crash Tests
  • Grand Tests
  • 24/7 Teacher Support
  • Ask a question Feature
  • Progress Reports
  • WhatsApp Communities

Become a Partner with Ulearn!

Ulearn is the market leader in glass board teaching technology.

Our comprehensive educational program offers an array of features designed to enhance the learning experience and ensure students’ success. Participants will benefit from live interactive lectures that encourage real-time engagement and understanding, as well as recorded lectures for revisiting material at their own pace. Comprehensive notes and a vast bank of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) further supplement learning. Our structured assessment includes 30 Unit Tests across A and A+ series, 8 Quarter Tests, and 5 Final Learning Phase (FLP) Tests within the same series, complemented by live test discussions for deeper insight. Additionally, crash tests and grand tests are strategically scheduled to maximize preparation. Students have access to 24/7 teacher support and an “Ask a question” feature for immediate clarifications, ensuring continuous guidance. Progress reports provide detailed feedback, and WhatsApp communities foster a supportive learning environment, making our program a robust tool for academic achievement.

Ulearn Digital Class Room

A well-appointed room designed for online learning.

Audio-Visual Equipment:
A 65-inch LCD screen with Speakers.

Technological Essentials:
A computer, Webcam, Microphone and Wired seamless internet connectivity.

Detailed specifications for the computer and speakers will be provided according to the strength of students.

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